Just Say Wood Duck

NHL won’t take action on alleged racial slur

The NHL says it doesn’t have enough evidence to take any action over an alleged derogatory remark made during Tuesday night’s game between the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings.
Oilers forward Georges Laraque, who is black, alleged he was slurred by Kings forward Sean Avery during Edmonton’s 3-1 victory.

“It’s Like Gold”

“In the end you’re not sacrificing for the sweater,” Hitchcock says. “You are sacrificing for the person sitting next to you. You are saying to him, ‘I will go into uncomfortable areas for you.’ Now, easy thing to say, hard thing to do. But when you get it, it’s like gold. For whatever reason, when you get that inside the locker room, you just feel like you’ll never lose.”

Duck Season, Rabbit Season, Goalie Season

Martin Brodeur is asking the NHL for protection for the league’s netminders.
The New Jersey Devils star is worried somebody will soon get seriously injured if players are allowed to crash the net or stand in the crease without inhibition, since new rules limit what defensemen can do to take them out.

How Could They Tell?

Coyotes placed center Mike Ricci on injured-reserve with a broken nose and activate Petr Nedved.

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  1. Kevin says:

    You could beat the guy worse that Rodney King on the ice and only get a 5 minute penalty but god forbid you call him a wood duck.

  2. fiyah says:

    who didn’t pay!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Georges probably stole the puck after the game.

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