Hoagie Does Finances

First Billy and I would like to thank everyone who made Saturday night possible, you know who you are. I think that everyone who attended had an excellent time. For those of you who didn’t make the event, you missed out.
We spent $1,308.00 and we brought in $2,036.00. Our profit was therefore $728.00 to be split between the Penguins and the Rams at $364.00per team.
That being said, we could have (should have) made a lot more money. My estimate is that we had around 90 people and we wanted about 120-140 (if it was not for a very successful raffle, we might have only made about $200 per
team- thanks Jim A. ). Everyone knew that they should bring roughly four to five people in order for us to hit our goals. From the look of it Saturday night, I think that only 8-10 Penguins or Rams actually brought that amount
of people. It does us no good to just bring your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend (if you have one) to the b& b. We needed more. If all of your friends were already there, you needed to invite family and co-workers etc.
There were also too many Penguins and Rams who did not attend the event, thus we lost them and their 4 to 5 invitees. The October 1st date was set in early August, and I can only think of a handfull of excusses that are
legitimate. We did, after all, make money for you. Next year, we will most likely make it mandatory that all players sell 4 to 5 tickets.
I think that any money made is good news. And we had a fun time making it so lets put this years missed opportunity behind us and remember to do a better job next year.

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5 Responses to Hoagie Does Finances

  1. Kevin says:

    Two words, “Advanced Tickets.” I’m sure I could have pressured some of my friends into buying tickets in advance but if I leave it up to them to get off their couch at 8:30pm to come to a beef and beer where they don’t know anyone and spend $20, chances are they ain’t going to do it.
    That being said, it was a good time.

  2. golin says:

    i had about 10 people bail or forget about it last minute….tickets would have sealed the deal….even if people didn’t show they would have donated $$$$$

  3. goat says:

    People go to a bar every weekend and hang out with other people they do not know and spend $80 a night. That being said Advanced ticket were a great idea gut that great ideas are the first step. Getting up off the couch and making tickets then distributing them to all the players would have been an even greater idea.

  4. Bumba says:

    I agree Goat, too many Indians, not enough Chiefs…Make that Poon Poon Reddah

  5. bern says:

    at least we weren’t in the (-). We know what to do now for next year. Maybe shoot for the same date next year and let people know mid summer. I’ll make the tickets next year. No reason we can’t make $1000 per team w/ a little effort. A great spot to have it though….props to bill/hoagie.

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