Drop the F*ck

Gov. Makes Embarrassing Slip of Tongue to Cheering Crowd

Maybe Gov. Tim Pawlenty was just out of practice after a year without professional hockey.
The governor made an embarrassing slip of the tongue as he led the crowd in a cheer at the season opener for the Minnesota Wild hockey team. All 30 National Hockey League teams were back in action Wednesday after a year of labor unrest.

Kovalchuk gets green light to play Wednesday

Ilya Kovalchuk was on a line Tuesday with Peter Bondra and Marc Savard in his first practice since re-signing with the Atlanta Thrashers. He’s looking forward to getting the same chance Wednesday night against the Montreal Canadiens.

Theodore upset at crease crashers

Montreal Canadiens star Jose Theodore is wondering when the NHL’s crackdown on obstruction will make its way to the goal crease. Habs coach Claude Julien is hoping it happens before his franchise player gets hurt.

Robinson is Devils’ rock

If the New Jersey Devils have a theme song, it might well be “Hotel California.” You know the riff, you can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave.
Take Larry Robinson, longtime guest at the Hotel Devils.

Flames sign defenceman Marchment

The Calgary Flames have added a little toughness to the blueline. Veteran defenceman Bryan Marchment has agreed to a one year deal with the team. Marchment attended the Toronto Maple Leafs training camp last month as a free agent but was not offered a contract.

Crosby jersey goes missing again

For the second time in less than a year a Sidney Crosby Jersey has gone missing. Crosby’s jersey from his first NHL game was reported stolen from his father’s checked baggage during a flight from Pittsburgh to Buffalo according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The jersey was later found at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

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3 Responses to Drop the F*ck

  1. Kevin says:

    If Bernie were governer it would have been “F*ck you, drop the f*cking f*ck!”

  2. phucker says:

    all right you f’ing f*cks, it’s time to drop the f’ing puck. and if you don’t like us dropping this f’ing puck then you’re out of f’ing luck. because you’re a f’ing f*ck, you f’ing schmuck.

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