Wintersport Men’s League Rules

Wintersport has posted their men’s league rules on their web site.
The highlights include rosters are frozen after game ten, each player will must have a helmet decal displaying level of play and a serial number to keep track of players. And all players must have unique numbers on their jerseys.

Pre-season Game
21 game regular season, followed by playoffs
50% of teams in each division make the playoffs
All championship series are best of 3 games.
Game Times
Regular game times may include but are not limited to: Sundays
2:50PM, 4:30PM, 6:10PM, 7:35PM, 9:15PM,10:55PM; Mondays
10:50PM; Tuesdays 10:40PM; Wednesdays 9:30PM, 11:10PM;
Thursdays 10:40PM and Saturdays 8:50PM, 10:30PM
Team Rosters: Each team will be allowed a maximum of 20 players rostered. If
for any reason a player must be added or dropped from your team a form must be
completed and given to the League commissioner. Teams will be permitted to edit
their roster until their 10th game of the season. After the 10th game the rosters will
be set. All rosters must be complete and submitted to the league commissioner at
the mandatory team rep meeting. The rosters must be complete with the players
name & number. Also to be included with the roster is the name and contact information
for both the assistant and official team representative.
Helmet Tags: Every registered player will receive a helmet tag at the mandatory
team rep meeting, which will have the CML logo, year, level of play and a serial
number to keep track of players throughout the league. Any player without a helmet
sticker will not be allowed to participate in the game. If a player not wearing a helmet
sticker plays in a game, then that team will forfeit the game, and the team
rep will be suspended for one game.
Team Jerseys: It is required that all teams have a jersey and that every rostered
players’ jersey is numbered. No duplicate numbers are permitted. Each team will
have the opportunity to choose their team colors when registering. No two teams
will be permitted to wear the same colors unless they are playing in different
divisions. This will work on a first register first serve basis. With advance orders,
teams may purchase a set of twenty (20) solid color jerseys, screened & numbered
for an additional $500. If interested, please ask for more details.
Player Eligibility: All players must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the
Adult Leagues at Wintersport. Players are eligible for only one team in each Division
and are limited to playing on multiple teams within the League based on the following
rules: Teams are allowed to roster only three (3) players from the next higher
division (Example: only three ‘B’ Division players on a ‘C’ Division team.) Players
rostered on an “A” team may not play on a ‘C’ team. There will be no exceptions to
these rules to ensure fun and fair games. Penalty for violation of these rules is forfeiture
of that game and that player or players and team rep will be assessed a minimum
one game suspension. This will be strictly enforced!

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