US Women’s Hockey Gets Sexy?

hockeychick.jpgColin brings these photos of the US Women’s Hockey Team to our attention. Colin duly notes that these are “some beat girls, but then again what do you expect from hockey players? We’re all ugly, except for me.”

Colin goes on and suggests the following new rule for the Rams.

New Rams Rule: During warmups we will now be skating without our helmets on with pretty hair (for those who have any) and chewing gum. Their will be a tub of hair gel and packs of big league chew provided in the lockeroom for all Rams players. Please grease your hair accordingly and take a big wad of gum before entering on the ice surface. Dean will lead us on the ice with his new parted down the middle hairdo. This new look will take us back to the late 80’s with pretty hair from the likes of Craig Berube, Rich Tocchet and Peter Zezel. The idea is to open up greater access to the players and for our fan’s in the new look Wintersport Very Amateur Beer Men’s League (WVABML), and to show our fan’s we are really just beer drinkers like them -oh wait, what fans.

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