Torch Passed

Kevin Bender and the rest of the late night Wissahickon drinking crowd raced across the parking lot towards the unmistakable sound of a hockey stick snapping. Could it have happened again? Who was the jackass who had run over a hockey stick. As the crowd got close, the joy was unmistakable. Not only had Nick Galati run over a hockey stick, he had backed over his own stick and hockey bag.

Jon Bueler had dollar signs dancing in his head as he imagined the midnight sale he was about to make. Skates, a helmet, and of course a new stick.
Once the laughing subsided the serious work of extracting the hockey bag began. Should the car be driven forward, or backwards? Noted car lifter Kevin Dowell had other ideas though, “lets lift the car!” And with that a crew was assembled to do just that.
After a couple of unsuccessful attempts the hockey bag was finally pulled from underneath the wheel.
Kevin Bender officially passing the torch to Galati.

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  1. Fart Box Taster says:

    What is Jim ‘Louganis’ Blackwood doing in the ceremonial photo?

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