Thursday Update

Expect a lot of shootouts

Surviving regulation time consistently is going to be the common bond of the most successful teams.

NHL goes Hollywood to overhaul its image

The National Hockey League has turned to Hollywood to help relaunch professional hockey in North America, selling it as not just sport, but as an epic battle between classical warrior heroes.

Wetting Their Whistles

They are not hockey players anymore, not Flyers, not Islanders. They are lab rats instead, trapped in a maze, wandering around in the early days of a grand scientific experiment about learned and unlearned behaviors.

Red Wings strike NHL deal with Datsyuk

Yzerman can see end, but won’t quit just yet

One by one, they asked themselves those life-altering questions and came up with the most difficult of answers.
Stevens, Messier, Damphousse, Francis.
“Adieu.” “Thanks for the memories.” “We’ve had enough.”
Steve Yzerman took that long, hard look into himself and came away with a different answer: Not yet.

Markov provides toughness to Predators’ defense

“The one term that comes to mind for Danny Markov is ‘ultimate warrior,’ ” says hockey analyst Bill Clement, who will serve as studio host for Outdoor Life Network. “Nobody plays the game harder than him, and I mean nobody.”

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