Rams Remain Undefeated

The Rams and Bandits skated to a 5-5 tie last night. Both teams traded goals in the early going before the Rams were able to get a two goal lead at 5-3. But penalties make that lead impossible to hold as the Bandits scored the last two goals to knot the score. Chris Golin scored two more goals as he now leads the Rams with four. Denny Schmidt took a puck to the lip that was obviously going to require stitches and a lot of Buddyweisers. The Rams next game is Saturday October 8th at 3 PM against the Penguins.
Click for the complete statistics.

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5 Responses to Rams Remain Undefeated

  1. dk says:

    nice work. see you all thursday, when i try to earn my spot back.

  2. Kerry Frasier says:

    Damn, now that you’re keeping stats Colin won’t be able to claim that he didn’t have any penalties.

  3. shoup says:

    I’m out for the next game also … I’ll be down at the beach. What’s up with one game every two weeks??

  4. Kevin says:

    We asked them to schedule us that way since we heard you weren’t allowed out any more than that.

  5. Jamie says:

    Well, I appreciate it you looking out for me then!

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