Morning Update

Flyers’ acquisitions fly in face of ‘new’ game

The two [acquisitions] that really caused my eyebrows to wrinkle were Philadelphia’s same-day, free-agent acquisitions of Derian Hatcher (out of Detroit) and Mike Rathje (out of San Jose).
If the game is going to be as up-tempo and freewheeling as everyone believes, then a couple of big, somewhat sedentary blueliners might be in for some, shall we say, difficult moments in the New Age NHL.

Parity schmarity: The NHL doesn’t need it

One, during the CBA posturing and negotiation, the competitive balance issue, when raised, involved contrivance and the convenient dismissal of recent history.
Two, even if it were possible (which it isn’t), true parity — involving both equality of opportunity and every-team-gets-its-turn cycles of success — is no fun.
No fun at all.

Barry Melrose Sticking With ESPN

Barry Melrose has signed a new contract to remain at ESPN. He will still be covering hockey and other sports for the network.

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