$20 for Beef & Beer Supplies

We need everyone to pay 20 bucks before the weekend so we can pay for beer and supplies.
Please drop it off at the pro shop as soon as possible. If you can get it here before Thursdays skate that would be great.
Everyone needs to pay even if you are not attending the event as it will benefit the team.
Any suggestions and volunteering of jobs are still welcome.
What type of beer do you all want to drink?

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3 Responses to $20 for Beef & Beer Supplies

  1. T.O. says:

    wood duck cyder, or Colt .45

  2. Eddie's Kickstand says:

    Colt 45 and two zig zags……
    Seriously, I say a couple kegs of Labatt, a couple kegs of Miller Lite, and a keg of Lager.

  3. bern says:

    yeah, that sounds good. just no coors lite.

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