What Could have Been

alt_small.jpgKevin has written a comment about what the Islanders could have had if they hadn’t traded away some of that good young talent. Why does Mike Milbury have a job?

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2 Responses to What Could have Been

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Mailbag
    I usually love reading your stuff; however, your recap of the Islanders (“At this point, I find them small, soft and generally uninteresting”) is not only irresponsible but also abhorrent to Islander fans everywhere. You have lost a loyal reader.
    Thank you,
    Eric Ushkowitz
    Orlando, Fla.
    One down, three to go.

  2. Big papa Pump says:

    I liked Kevins point of view for the Illes. I would like some one to take a similar look at the Bruins. It seems to me like they are the team that pissed away the most tallent over the last ten years.

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