Start Saving Your Loonies, Boys

Philadelphia Rams HockeyRams … Ian Walsh will be back at work making sure nobody in the NHL skates faster than Mike Maneluk, which means the 2005-2006 campaign at Wintersport is looking to be a great season. Bernie has spoken with Pat Croce (no, not that Pat) at the rink and it seems Pat’s got his shizzle together. He’s created a structure where there are loads of discounts for getting in and paid. If we’re registered by August 24, we get $300 off the total and a free hour of ice. If we’re fully paid by Sept. 25, we get an additional $700 off. That’s a team savings of a $1,000. That’s almost $70 a man. Which is like 72 labatt’s cans for free per guy.
Anyway, for now, it’s looking like $400/man for the 21 game season. That’s with 15 full timers. We can roster 20, so we can carry some subs. Payment on the sub-plan is TBA.
Start saving your loonies, boys.
Let me know what your plans are and I’ll have a payment schedule for everyone soon. We will also be getting jerseys this year.

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