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OLN could be seeking to add baseball, lacrosse

The cable channel, which before the hockey deal had focused on hunting, fishing, bull riding and bicycle racing, is reportedly trying to add major-league baseball and indoor lacrosse to its programing mix.

Tim Panaccio Enjoys Ripping Bruins’ Owner

“I think (the free-agent period) has gone as good as anybody could have anticipated,” Jacobs said. “I’m really pleased with it. I wish we had played a better role in the (Peter) Forsberg situation, but he chose not to come here (and instead signed with Philadelphia). I think we wound up with probably a more dependable center (in Alex Zhamnov). He probably would’ve made more headlines, but I think the result is better and Zhamnov was a better move for us. And I think he’s going to fit in here and he’s going to be stable and be somebody that we would really look forward to.”

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  1. Jon B says:

    Hoagie Enjoys Ripping Tim Panaccio
    I just love the “Eight Man Salary Cap Band” stuff Panaccio came up with during the lockout. It is truly retarded. Basically, during the lockout, Panaccio was wrong on a weekly basis (the inquirer covered the lockout on Sundays only, otherwise, Panaccio would have been wrong on a daily, bi-daily, or tri-daily basis). He kept talking about how the said “band” of small market owners was forcing the larger market owners into standing firm on the salary cap. This was proven to be false, and, in addition, would not have mattered anyway because the players caved (inevitable to all but Panaccio it seems).
    Anyway, Jacobs is a bit tight with his money, but hey, its his money. That should be between him and the Bruins fans. So what if Jacobs is feebily defending his signing of Zhamnov over Forsberg. What does that have to do with Panaccio’s extremely missguided and very silly sounding “Eight Man Salary Cap Band”?
    In conclusion, I have been following Pannacio’s meteoric fall to the worst hockey writer in the Philadelphia region for some time now. Apart from his many gramatical errors (note: I have no spell check here) his errors of judgment, and his errors of facial hair, he really isn’t so bad. He’s just an ass-hole. Don’t beleiev me, go ask Bob Clarke.

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