Millersville All-Time Leaders

ville.gifUnless Millersville’s number five all-time scorer Brian Jones attempts to end a career in the next couple of Thursdays, he will likely slide to seventh overall in scoring this season. Also worth noting in the lists is Carmen’s impressive scoring records as well as Booty’s 199 lifetime penalty minutes.

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7 Responses to Millersville All-Time Leaders

  1. Bumba says:

    I think that 100 of those points came while lighting up Taliban Bob’s Golden Bears.

  2. Kevin says:

    You’ve got to get a hold of Colin’s records in college, especially the penalty minutes.

  3. Taliban says:

    There you go again reliving your glory days, that was six or seven years ago. You need to move on those days are over. I can understand Carmen having a strong sentimental link to those memories because he was at MU for so long, but you need to let go.
    What happened to you on Sunday? Too drunk from Saturday?

  4. Carmen says:

    Maybe Cleary will have a heart attack and die prior to the season

  5. Bumba says:

    Either that or a Bumba splash from the 4th row in the stands.

  6. Tyrone Bootzpatrick says:

    Kearney rules.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Carmen … not bad for nearly a decade-long career.

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