Islanders Counting On Yashin

Genius GM, Mike Milbury has decided to go to war with the enigmatic Alexei Yashin, purging the locker room of Yashin detractors. Of course, why Mike Milbury has a job, is just as puzzling as whyEd Wade is still employed. Perhaps if Kevin isn’t too busy at work today, he can breakdown the team the Islanders could be if Mike Milbury weren’t so smart.
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2 Responses to Islanders Counting On Yashin

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Islanders drafted Luongo, Bertuzzi, Palffy, Chara, Wade Redden, Eric Brewer, Taylor Pyatt and Bryan McCabe during the 90’s. Then when the Isles got the 1st pick in 2000, Mlbury traded Luongo to Florida and drafted DiPietro. Heatley and Gaborik were the next 2 picks. Then the brain surgeon traded the 2nd pick overall + zdeno Chara for Alexi Yashin in 2001. The 2nd pick turned out to be Jason Spezza.
    So if he did nothing but stand pat and draft the highest rated players, the Isles could currently have Heatley, Bertuzzi, Palffy, Spezza and Pyatt at Forward; Chara, Redden, Brewer and McCabe on D and Luongo in net. Nice job Mad Dog!

  2. Anonymous says:

    If I remember correctly, Redden was traded straight up for Berard, who, while not as good defensively, would have been (if not for the eye injury) the far better offensive defensman. If Redden had lost an eye would it have looked like Milbury made the right decision? Palffy was an absolute money issue.
    He basically gave up too soon on Bertuzzi, Pyatt, and Brewer. An awful lot of talent to make mistakes on.
    But, the real problem is the DiPietro trade (just didn’t make any sense at that time, nor will it ever) and the Yashin trade (especially after the new cap makes Yashin the undesputed most over paid player in the world, his $7.5 mil [for like 4 or 5 more years]will ruin the Isles for years to come).
    Milbury is just soooooo aggressive that he ends up ruining everything he touches. Look for DiPietro to actually develop into a good goalie only to be traded at the deadline for Owen Nolan in order to solidify the Isles lineup for an eventual first round playoff exit. Mad Mike strikes again!

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