Afternoon Update

Kevin Dowell and Mojo Radio are reporting a big three way deal among the Devils, Panthers, and Canucks.
Luongo and Malakhov to Vancouver
Cloutier, White, Friesen to Florida
Huselius and Bertuzzi to NJ
Sabres’ Enforcer admits using andro
Sabres enforcer Andrew Peters admitted to using the steroid-like substance androstenedione two years ago, according to a published report Thursday.
Peters said he has stopped using the substance, which baseball’s Mark McGwire made famous during his 70-home run season in 1998, since the Food and Drug Administration banned its sale in April 2004.

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4 Responses to Afternoon Update

  1. Kevin says:

    They didn’t say it was a done deal, just that those teams and players were being discussed pretty seriously.

  2. Jon B says:

    This sounds like a devil fan came up with this one.
    The Canucks give up Bertuzzi and Cloutier and get back Loungo and Malakhov (pretty much an even trade)
    The Panthers give up Loungo and Huselius and get back Cloutier, White and Friesen. (White and Friesen would probably be value for Huselius, Loungo for Cloutier? No.)
    And the Devils give up Friesen (who nobody wants), White (a steady, tough number three or four)and Malakhov (who is now overpaid [3.5 per] and could have been had by anyone three weeks ago for nothing)and get back Bertuzzi (elite player)and Huselius (an emerging semi-star)?
    As a rule, whenever I see a trade proposal where one team gives up more players of much lesser quality in exchange for less players of much higher quality (quantity for quality), I don’t buy it.
    Take out Friesen and add in Madden or Parise + a pick or two (none of which I think the Devils would do) and you may have a deal.

  3. Kevin says:

    It was a Vancouver radio station who broadcast the rumor.

  4. Jon B says:

    Those players will not be the deal, if any is made at all. Different players and or picks will be needed from Jersey in order to acquire Bertuzzi and or Huselius.

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