NHL Update

Flyers ask Birds for cap help

The NHL is going to a $39 million salary cap. And, as they have in the NFL, teams are designating personnel to fill the role of capologist.
Barry Hanrahan, assistant to general manager Bob Clarke, has been given that task for the Flyers.

Ovechkin faces midnight deadline

Alexander Ovechkin, the Washington Capitals’ No. 1 draft pick last year, has until midnight tonight to decide whether he will wear a Capitals uniform next season or play in Russia.

NHL to televise lottery

The Sidney Crosby sweepstakes will be on TV after all.
TSN confirmed yesterday that the NHL draft lottery in New York will be televised Friday. But like the NBA, only the results of the draw will be shown. The actual drawing will take place away from the cameras.

Comcast’s power play?

At ESPN, hockey is one level above the cheerleaders. If the money is the same, what’s the big risk, anyway? Nobody watched before. Maybe the Roberts boys can figure out why. They seem to have figured everything else out.

Phantoms’ Stevens rejects shot at Mighty Ducks job

Phantoms coach John Stevens said yesterday that he has pulled his name from consideration for the head coaching position of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

How great will Great One be?

It has been said that no hockey player has ever seen the ice as it was seen by Wayne Gretzky. It was as though Gretzky was able to see into the future — where the puck was going, not where it was — to view all the possibilities of a given play in a split second.
If Gretzky possesses that same vision today, one wonders whether he sees a future of triumph and success or despair and disenchantment as he mulls becoming head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes.

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