NHL Update

Cherry Hill NJ Resident Expected to Go Early in Draft

Bobby Ryan, a 6-foot, 210-pound winger from Cherry Hill, also will be selected very high. The Flyers would be quite happy to land him.
“We’d be ecstatic if that was the case,” Holmgren said. “In our opinion, he’s going to be a very high pick. He’s a strong skater, big guy, tremendous hands, can score, but can also make plays. He’s a good pro prospect with the big frame that he’s got.
“To get him, you’d have to be drafting in the top 5. We need a little magic when those lottery balls start coming down.”

Nearly 90 percent of NHL players approve labor deal

Players overwhelmingly supported the six-year deal in Thursday’s balloting, with 464 of 532 (87 percent) voting in favor of it. Now it is all but certain the board of governors will sign off, too.

Bettman, Goodenow must be held accountable

Bob Goodenow and Gary Bettman, architects of the most devastating labor stoppage in pro sports history, sitting shoulder to shoulder, insisting that, heck yes, they’re prepared to become partners in a new NHL. As if it would be any other way.

Brother of Hurricanes’ O’Neill killed in car accident

The brother of Carolina Hurricanes forward Jeff O’Neill was killed Thursday morning in a car crash north of Toronto, police said.
“The fellow who was killed is Donny O’Neill — and his brother is Jeff O’Neill of the Carolina Hurricanes,” said Sgt. Cam Wooley of the Ontario Provincial Police.

Shanahan: Attitude key to obstruction rule

Shanahan, a key member of the new competition committee, said though there will be many changes this season, the key will be the crackdown on obstruction.
“We’ve been unsuccessful not only in the definition, but more so in the application,” Shanahan said.

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