Let’s Get Ready to Stumble!!!!

This Saturday the Nodding Head Brewery hosts their annual Royal Stumble. A twist on the age old beer drinking paradigm. Instead of waiting in line for a beer, beer brewers compete to bring you beer so they can kick their keg first! The winning brewery is then awarded the coveted championship belt. This year the theme is superheroes, the employees from the brewers will be dressed in costume as they frantically try to convince you to drink their beer.
The event runs from 1-5 Saturday and costs $30 a person.
Who’s in?
Well if anyone’s interested give Art a call, (267) 679-0537.
Update: Fifteen brewers competed at the Royal Stumble. Iron Hill’s was the first to kick, in just about an hour, but the real hightlight of course was Duff Man.

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  1. mcofone says:

    sounds too good to be true…

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