Happy Bastille Day

whiteflag.jpgSure we have our share of fun with the French, because they’re so… well, French! But Happy Bastille day, the remembrance of a day a revolution began in France that turned the streets red with blood. So do something French, eat some cake, have some wine and brie, surrender. Whatever you feel best celebrates the day.
On Saturday however, check out Philadelphia’s Bastille Day celebration at Eastern State Penitentiary near the Art Museum.

Philadelphia’s Bastille Day Celebration kicks off with a kitschy reenactment of the storming of the Bastille, complete with Marie Antoinette’s famous let them eat cake quote. This brings a rain of Tastykakes down from the ramparts on the peasants below. After that fun, partake in a freshly guillotined watermelon and enjoy the neighborhood street party with booths selling Kronenbourg and Moet and Chandon Specials! Plus sausage sandwiches as well as live music.
Eastern State Penitentiary – Bastille Day

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  1. k dowell says:

    I think I will celebrate by playing hockey and then drinking until 1 am in the parking lot.

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