Goat Combats Swamp Ass

Billy “the Goat” Melissen has developed a revolutionary new approach to combatting swamp ass. Click here to see how Billy keeps from suffering swamp ass on a humid day.

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6 Responses to Goat Combats Swamp Ass

  1. One I Goalie says:

    What do you think is going thru Colin’s mind in that picture. He looks pretty excited!

  2. One I Goalie says:

    Hey Art,
    Just for shits and giggles, lets say I wanted to go back and edit one of my previous posts (For example, I might want to add a question mark after the word “picture”), how would I do that?

  3. Art says:

    Unfortunately you cannot edit posts. So sorry! Of course I could go in there and edit it for you if you are really upset about the lack of a question mark.

  4. One I Goalie says:

    Nah, I will just have Kratzer start proof reading my posts.

  5. shooter mcgavin says:

    Buy your “Swamp Ass Protection Plan” from Billy Goat today, and we’ll through in a FREE “Colin Baker Pup Tent.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Shooter, do you want to go to Red Lobster?

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