Get Out and Vote

Update: We’ve added another jersey to choose from, the poll has been reset, check out the choices.
September is just around the corner and that means Rams hockey is back! We’ll be getting new jerseys this Fall and want you to vote on your favorite design.
The jerseys themselves will be similar to the Lagerheads jerseys and cost about $30. One thing is certain, the Rams jerseys will be looking sweeter than those dirty Penguin jerseys.
So view the jerseys and vote in the poll in the right-hand column.

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17 Responses to Get Out and Vote

  1. j shoup says:

    no. 1

  2. k dowell says:

    no. 1

  3. Art says:

    OK, I’m resetting the votes. We have a new jersey to take a look at. Please vote on the right side.

  4. j shoup says:

    Now I’m torn … I kind of like no. 3 also.

  5. j shoup says:

    on second thought .. are the shoulder designs necessary?

  6. Jonesy says:

    I like one and three, and agree with Shoup about the shoulder designs.

  7. k dowell says:

    Even though you reset it, I can’t vote again.
    Btw, no. 3 looks like a Billy Goat. I still vote for #1. It has to be Pens voting for #2 because they want us to look worse than their piss yellow jerseys.

  8. Art says:

    I voted for number 3. I like the motion in the logo. Most good sports logos have a motion to them and that is lacking in #1. And I kind of like that it looks like Billy Mel.

  9. k dowell says:

    …but it’s not even a Ram! That would be like the Penguins getting another set of ugly jerseys with Otters on them.

  10. j shoup says:

    I agree w/ Kevin now. I’m sticking with no. 1

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s not a logo on our sweaters that define us a ram, but the fact that we play with heart and pride.
    Nobody has come up with a sweet ram rod logo.
    I vote for a big ram rod dildo on our sweaters.

  12. the goat says:

    I like the goat one.

  13. bern says:

    i like the goat

  14. The artist formerly known as Prince says:

    The anonymous poster 3 up is a fag!

  15. bern says:

    i agree, but voting for the big ram rod dildo kind of makes him cool again. Speaking of… We should pick up Zadildo this year.

  16. bern says:

    “It has to be Pens voting for #2 because they want us to look worse than their piss yellow jerseys.” Kev, i take it you don’t like the design I drew.

  17. Kevin says:

    That okay, the ram I drew doesn’t even appear on the voting.

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