13 Rule Changes Being Considered by NHL

The USA Today reports on a memo being circulated around the league regarding rule changes. Among the new proposals is a rule that would make icing a race for the goal line, not the puck, also in the memo is a suggestion that 20 teams would make the playoffs.
The rule changes are being suggested by the newly formed Competition Committee. Tim Pannacio of the Inquirer makes a good argument why the competition committee is a better idea than letting NHL General Managers make rule changes.

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2 Responses to 13 Rule Changes Being Considered by NHL

  1. One I Goalie says:

    Taliban Bob has proposed that Wanger and I get smaller pads for Wissahickon when the new rules go thru.

  2. Art says:

    Without question, you two keeping those pads would be cheating, something akin to taking a dive in an overtime playoff game.

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