Don’t Expect Ticket Price Rollback

The Toronto Sun is reporting there is no plan for the Toronto Maple Leafs to roll back ticket prices this fall. Although the Buffalo Sabres and some other struggling markets are expected to drop ticket prices the Sun doesn’t expect the Leafs to be one of the teams to do it. The New York Islanders also seem unlikely to roll back prices as they sent out ticket invoices this week with no mention of a price cut.

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2 Responses to Don’t Expect Ticket Price Rollback

  1. Anonymous says:

    Boss: “Smith, let’s keep prices the same, eh.”
    Smith: “yessir. It makes perfect sense. Why charge less for something that doesn’t exist anyway.”
    Boss: “Exactly. I like you smith.”
    Smith: “Thank you sir. I like you, too.”
    Boss: “You’re making me uncomfortable.”
    Smith: “Sorry sir.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dont expect many fans then either!

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