Daring Raid Provides New Hockey Card

Topps announced today that in a daring daytime raid by company operatives, another hockey card was secured. The operatives, working in conjunction with coalition forces in the East Falls region were able to comandeer and copy the spectacular photo used in the card without being detected. One operative, who goes by the code name, “Thor” was quoted as saying, “it was definately an anxious time, but we were able to get in and out without the victim realizing what had happened. It was text book. I’m sure he’ll be shocked to see the photograph published.”
Click below for the card.


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1 Response to Daring Raid Provides New Hockey Card

  1. Who’d a’ thought….. About 15 years after some young adolescent nicknamed ‘extra toppings’ snapped this pic of our cute little forechecker, he’d be pumping his red white and blue sausage tube into some frenchies muff pie during a quick round of ‘hide-the-weener’ in a hotel towel covered tile floor smack dabb in the heart of north america’s most romantic city…..God Speed Matt!

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