Beers Bikes & BBQ

race8.jpgMatt “MVP” Coddaire is having a Manayunk Bike Race Party Sunday.
3610 Indian Queen Lane,Philadelphia,PA
When: Sunday, June 5, 10:30am
Matt’s Phone: 609-923-2642
You’re invited to the annual BEER, BIKES & BBQ Bash on Sunday, June 5th. Whether you really have an interest in the
Wachovia Bike Race or just the drinking & partying…
– One block from the race route on Kelly Drive. Feel free to bring your friends along – stay all day or stop in to take a break from the race for food & drink… Let me know if you need directions from Center City via Girard Ave or from the Roosevelt Blvd/Rt 1 since Kelly Drive and some surrounding roads will be closed.

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5 Responses to Beers Bikes & BBQ

  1. bern says:

    what about the Thor hockey card?

  2. JamesDaddy says:

    I would vote for the Thor Hockey Card.

  3. Art says:

    There is no Thor hockey card, or you guys are hiding it from me.

  4. JamesDaddy says:

    We want the Thor picture from the locker room on Saturday made into a Rams card. That would win hands down, and I threw Kevin that mercy vote. I felt bad that he was getting beaten by c-button Bob.

  5. One Eye Goalie says:

    This is one contest I don’t mind losing.

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