Voted Best Hockey Site

Roxborough – The PR department awoke to good news this morning at Philadelphia Rams headquarters. It seems, despite the rams lackluster play at times, the team has caught the attention of hockey-starved fans with its website,
After the Rams convincing 5-0 win over St. Joe’s last night, the first shutout win since sliced bread regained its popularity, the team celebrated double as Robbie Mell proclaimed “ is my new favorite hockey site.”
His sentiments are echoed by the competition, too, as Jeff Conybear of the Penguins said “Hey what’s your web address? I hear it’s funny stuff,” in an email last week.
A hit with diehard fans since its inception in September 2004, the site’s greatest hits include a goalie pad fund for Kevin (the Rams raised $.25 from a modest and undisclosed philanthropist), the much anticipated Zdaldo name change, commercials for Can/Am Montreal, and most recently an announcement for the new NHL, advertising for dime bags, and a titillating announcement about winger Corey “Playboy” Abrams going on the DL.
Watch for more exicitng stories about Carter bringing a 30-pack of Miller Lite next week.

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