Zdaldo the newest Jayhawk groupie?

2005_woku_bottom.jpgWillow Grove, Pa — At the height of the Wintersport Cup Mens League playoff season, all eyes have turned away from the ice. It seems league superstar and general podiatric oddity, Zdaldo has announced that he is retiring and moving to Lawrence, Kansas to pursue his true love: Co-ed Wannabe Swimsuit Models.
Zdaldo agent, Jerry Mcguire – who also fell in love at “hello” with a recent calendar featuring the Women of KU — announced today that he and Zdaldo will “move operations to Lawrence.” In his address, McGuire sited “tits, ass, and fresh meat every year” as the main factor. “Not to mention,” he continued “that Zdaldo is growing tired of blasting slapshots from the left wing past unworthy goalies.”

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