NHL Out, Rams In

Philadelphia – The Philadelphia Rams, on hiatus since January 19th when the NHL owners and players union picked up negotiations in earnest, will resume their regular season play Saturday verse the Stealth.
“We have a lot of players whose careers are up in the air,” said team rep Dean Kline from his plush office atop Rams Tower. “And we didn’t want to burden them with the distraction of our games during the final stages of NHL negotiation.”
Now, however, the NHL season is kaput. And the Rams are eager to get back on the ice. Focused.
“We’re 5-9-1 right now, poised for an amazing run at the WMCL championship,” added Kline. “Once the Bandits and Zebras forfeit the rest of their games, and we beat the tar out of stealth, we’re sitting pretty.”
On tap for beer duty this weekend are Dave Kratzer for Saturday, Corey Abrams for Sunday. Much appreciated.
Also, remember a few extra coins for the rink. We’re about $35 a player short.

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