Cinderella Story

cinderella.jpgWintersport – It was a Cinderella Story this weekend for the Philadelphia Rams. And Bernie Gillespie, forward for the Philadelphia Rams, was wearing the glass slippers Saturday night. Gillespie scored four goals in the first period against Stealth in the Rams 7-1 victory. With his new Easton Composite magic wand, he was living the dream – not too mention heroically filling the void of beer bitch moments before face off. Bernie was so on this weekend, his slippers magically appeared in his bag Sunday night. Already sharp for another night at the ball.
Then, the clock struck 12, as goalie Kevin Dowell – playing his third game in 2 days – saw more rubber than a garbage can in a cheap vegas motel. Dowell and the rest of the Rams 7 turned into pumpkins against the Bandits, losing 11-3.
Next game: Sunday 2/27 vs. Bandits (again) 7:20. Zdaldo says dump and make them cough it up. Who’s on for beer duty? If anybody hasn’t done it yet, step up. I think some have already done it 2x. let Dean know.

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