25 Years Ago Today

usa_finland.jpg“There’s a lot of people in this building who do not know the difference between a blue line and a clothesline. It’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter because what we have, have here, is the rarest of sporting events. An event that needs no buildup, no superfluous adjectives. In a political or nationalistic sense, I’m sure this game is being viewed with varying perspectives but manifestly it is a hockey game. The United States and the Soviet Union on a sheet of ice in Lake Placid, New York.”
– Al Michaels
Tonight, starting at 7 PM ESPN Classic takes us back to 1980 and the Miracle on Ice.
At 7 PM is ESPN’s look back at the Miracle on Ice. That is followed by the actual game broadcast at 8 PM.
Also, on Thursday ESPN Classic will be broadcasting the practically forgotten game against Finland that if they had lost, they would have taken to their “f***ing graves.”

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