Rams set new attendance record, Lose 7-6

Willow Grove – Rams fans shouted for joy Sunday night as they watched the scoreboard here at Wintersport Arena.
“Guess tonight’s attendance” the announcer sang out. “A: 0. B: 1 C: 2”
The tension mounted.
“C,” said the lucky fan on bench 3 seat #8. “Two.”
“Yes, you win and the Rams have set a new attendance record.” But the night wasn’t all fun and games for the unprecedented showing of faithful.
The Rams spotted the Bandits 6 goals in the first period. However, the heroics of Carter Leonards and Kevin Dowell sparked a comeback. Leonards 3 goals and Dowell’s flashy new pads led the way as the Rams climbed back to within one goal in the final moments.
“I felt bad for Dean,” said Leonards later. “He brought fans and we were getting spanked.”
You, too, can see the Rams and a return showing of Dowell’s new pads this Thursday at 10:40 when the Rams try to beat a second team: The Continentals.

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