Zebra Meat Leaves Bitter Aftertaste for Rams

antelope_humping_zebra.jpgWINTERSPORT – You can grill it. You can bake it. Toast it if you want, and drown it in maple syrup and brown sugar. But any way you slice it, the half-horse, half-ass Zebra meat the Rams had for Sunday dinner left a bitter aftertaste in the rams second defeat this season, 7-3.
“As soon as I come-to, I’ll recap the whole game … but basically we were tied after 1, gave up a few in the second, and a couple in the third. Billy scored two,” said a dazed Dean Kline after having his bell rung late in the third period.
What Kline didn’t remember was the three goals and two assists the Zebras number 91 contributed.
Next game, Saturday October 16 at 5:20 PM.

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